Wild garlic

Organic wild garlic, foraged fresh from the woods around our Devon farm. Glossy, juicy and pungent, with a milder flavour than the dried bulbs – wild garlic leaves are one of the joys of spring. The season is short, so enjoy while you can!

Storage & prep

Will keep for a few days

Storage: Foraged fresh from the woods around our Devon farm, using a sustainable wild harvest plan. Wild garlic leaves have a milder taste compared with dried garlic. Keep them in their bag, store in the fridge and use within a few days.

Prep: Wash the leaves very well in a deep bowl. Lift the leaves out of the water as any grit and mud will drop to the bottom. You’ll only need to spin or pat dry if you are using them in a salad, as the residual water on the leaves can help when wilting in a hot pan.

Cooking tips

The leaves can be used cooked or raw. Smaller leaves will work well in salads, offering little pockets of pungency. They can be wilted with a little butter and oil and used as a simple side of greens or folded into an omelette. Try shredding and stirring them into a dish at the very end of cooking. They also work well as a punchy pesto, in place of basil leaves.

Wild garlic recipe

Wild garlic and potato soup

Paired with the punchy taste of wild garlic, potatoes make a wonderfully savoury and inexpensive soup. Increase the amount of wild garlic, if you dare! We send out the wild garlic leaves but not the flowers, as they're too delicate to travel, so you'll have to forage for those if you want to use them – or garnish with lots of chopped parsley instead.

Serves 4 - 40 min


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