Choose Riverford.

Ethical organic veg. Delivered.

Choose Riverford.

Ethical organic veg. Delivered.

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Made by Riverford co-owners (we became employee owned in June 2018)

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Your small food choices

can make a big difference.

Plastic wrapped?

Growing, packing and delivering your food ourselves puts Riverford in a unique position to use as little packaging as possible. Our veg boxes use 82% less plastic than supermarket organic veg – and by December 2020, our fruit and veg will be 100% plastic free. We’ll even collect our veg boxes from your door to reuse up to 10 times.

Join an organic revolution

Every year, more people are choosing organic; a simple way to know your food is farmed sustainably and free of artificial nasties. Everything Riverford grows, makes and sells is 100% organic, and has been for over 30 years.

Sod the supermarkets. Form a cooperative.

As farmers ourselves, Riverford believe in long-term, trusting relationships with the growers who help us fill our boxes. We support over 50 small family farms (many from the organic co-op we founded in 1998), agreeing fair prices well in advance.

Let the planes pass overhead…

Out-of-season imports often come at a staggering environmental cost. Air freight causes up to 80 times the CO2 emissions of sea freight! We choose to eat with the seasons; and what little we can’t grow at home is transported by sea or road.

Explore more of our ethical hub

What organic really means, how we fight food waste, choosing the best animal welfare, and lots more – find out about Riverford’s ethical choices.

Choose your veg box

Everything we grow, make and sell is 100% organic. Our iconic veg boxes bring you the most flavoursome veg of every season, grown as nature intended.

Choose from a wide selection of seasonal boxes – and top up with organic dairy, drinks, store cupboard staples and more. Delivery is free; no need to be home.

Change the world,

one carrot at a time.


© 2020 Riverford Organic Farmers Ltd


© 2020 Riverford Organic Farmers Ltd