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Which Riverford box suits your household and cooking style? Explore the options below.


1. Veg Boxes

Small or big, hearty or quick-cooking… Pick your box, all with the option to add fruit, meat and more.


2. Build your own box

Choose exactly what you love from our full range of organic veg, fruit, meat, dairy, drinks and more.


3. Recipe boxes

Everything you need to cook inspiring organic meals from scratch – with 12 recipes, changing weekly.

1. Get creative with a veg box

Our iconic veg boxes (The Observer’s Ethical Product of the Decade) are chock full of organic fruit and vegetables, slow-grown for the best flavour and changing with the seasons.

Choose from:

  • Small, medium or large
  • Seasonal, no potatoes, quick to cook, or 100% UK grown
  • Weekly, fortnightly, or as and when

And top up with other kitchen essentials from our 100% organic range. We send inspiring seasonal recipes with every box, to help you make the most of all that good stuff.

How about one of our most popular boxes?


Small seasonal organic veg box

Seven varieties of organic veg, to feed 1-2 people.


Medium seasonal organic veg box

Eight varieties of veg, to feed 2-3 people.


100% UK organic veg box

Packed with a changing selection of eight homegrown veg.

1. Get creative with a veg box

Put fresh, seasonal flavour back into your cooking with our iconic veg boxes: full of the tastiest organic veg, and truly fresh from the farm. Small or large, hearty or quick-cooking – we’ve got a box to suit every household. Plus, top up with whatever you want from our full organic range.

2. Build your own box

Create your own bespoke box, with exactly what suits your household. Choose veg, fruit, eggs, dairy, meat, drinks, store-cupboard staples… All 100% organic, and grown or made by us, or by small-scale organic producers we know and trust.

Ordering the same favourites every time? You can create a regular order, to be delivered as often as you like.

3. Save time with a recipe box

Cooking organic meals from scratch has never been easier. Our recipe boxes offer easy step-by-step recipes, and measured quantities of every ingredient – including lots of fresh organic veg!


There are 12 inspiring seasonal recipes to choose from every week, with meaty, vegetarian and vegan options.

Riverford is the #1 organic retailer on Trustpilot!


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