Rebel Recipes

Niki from Rebel Recipes, (the queen of plant based cooking!), has been busy creating some simple and adaptable recipes using her veg box and a few store cupboard staples.
Here you'll find recipes including an incredible veg tray bake which is brought to life with sticky peanut sauce and coconut rice, and 3 simple ways to make any vegetable taste incredible.
Find more from Niki on her blog and through her new cook book, Rebel Recipes: Maximum flavour, minimum fuss: the ultimate in vegan food.

Featured recipe

Roast veg medley with spinach pesto & butterbean mash

This week’s Rebel Recipes dish is a big feast of veg. Deliciously crispy roast potatoes and caramelised carrots, with sweet roast garlic and red onions. Alongside slightly charred griddled courgettes, and served on a bed a super creamy butterbean hummus.

3 ways to make any vegetable taste incredible

Take your veg to another level with these 3 simple flavour accompaniments that will you can add to pretty much any vegetable. They will pack flavour into the dish and in the case of the dukka, add a satisfying crunch.

Green tahini dressing

Tahini dressing is my go-to dressing, as it immediately adds incredible flavour, with creaminess from the tahini and a real zing from the lemon. It’s fantastic over any roast veg or swirled into soups and stews.

Homemade harissa paste

Harissa paste is a store cupboard staple for adding spicy smokey flavours. But have you tried homemade? It's easy to make and the flavours are more vibrant and fresh than shop bought. Even just a teaspoon into tomato dishes adds loads of flavour


Dukka is a nutty, crunchy, spicy Middle Eastern mix that you sprinkle on your food or dip your bread into. It’s delicious and totally addictive!

Its traditionally eaten with bread and olive oil. First the bread is dipped into the olive oil then the dukka. The dukka sticks on the oily bread and you get a super scrummy oily, crunchy, spicy mouthful.

Roast asparagus, fennel, broccoli tray bake

An easy, adaptable tray bake, from Niki at Rebel Recipes. The peanut sauce is incredible and everything tastes delicious served on creamy coconut rice.
You can use most veg. Some good options include; fennel, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, asparagus.
Don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients for the peanut sauce - the important ones are the some sort of nut butter, toasted sesame oil, chilli sauce or chilli flakes and soy sauce.

Spiced carrot hummus, courgette & cucumber salad

This recipe is a beautifully spiced roast carrot hummus, combined with a fresh and spring-like salad of roast courgette, cucumber, mint, dill and a creamy coconut dressing. And finally, some flatbreads to scoop it up! Niki has created some quick nutty spelt flatbreads but you can use any flour you have in your cupboards. 

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