Walk through our fields

“Give us convenience. Give us

buy one get one free. Make it plastic-wrapped

and readymade. We’re afraid

to know where our food really comes from.”


Tired of being thrown the blame

but offered no solution?

In fields and kitchens, you can join

an organic revolution.

Love the bugs. Love the mud.

Cut out bankers. Buy straight from the packers,

the lettuce pickers and the IT tappers.

Treasure each ragged, reused cardboard box.

Remember what nature put leaves on for.

Denounce faster and cheaper and more,

more, more. Spend 30 years learning

not just how to grow, but how to slow right down.

Give the land a chance to breathe.


Ask the difficult questions, and admit

when there are no easy answers.

Invest in hedges, not in hedge funds.

Sow clover. Tend to your crop,

and tend the wild border

that only the bees will harvest.

Say your life’s savings are the soil’s store of carbon

that will stay locked away

for thousands of years.

Count butterflies as well as pennies.

Fear those losses, and celebrate those returns.


Sod the supermarkets. Form a cooperative.

Dare to hope, to trust your neighbour,

To choose our children’s futures.

Tell yourself: three times a day,

I get to vote with my fork.

Together, we can achieve

what felt impossible alone.


Come take a walk through our fields.

Take a seat at our table. Shake

the hand that feeds you, and taste

that morning’s harvest at its prime.

Let the planes pass overhead, laden with

strawberries and asparagus in winter.

Swear allegiance to the seasons;

to cabbage, squash and beetroot.

Don’t ‘consume’ – just eat, especially your greens,

and change the world, one carrot at a time.

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