Pasta shaping

Making your own pasta is surprisingly easy, and you only need a couple of ingredients.
Once you have your dough mix, you can then try making a number of shapes. Some are really simple and some are a little harder to get the hang of.


Below you'll find a video and written description to show you how to make 5 different shapes, from the popular 'bow-tie pasta' to orecchiette and more.
Thank you to Lewis Glanvill, head chef at Riverford Field Kitchen for sharing his know-how!

How to make and shape pasta

To make the pasta dough (serves 5-6):
Prepare 500g plain flour and 4 eggs and a splash of olive oil. Whisk the eggs and olive oil and then mix with the flour and knead until completely smooth.

5 pasta shapes


Commonly known as bow-tie or butterfly pasta. Roll your pasta as thin as you can then cut into two inch rectangles, using two fingers pinch in the middle on the bottom half way up, then the opposite way from the top.



Cavatelli are small pasta shells, that look a bit like miniature hotdogs. The grooves help to catch the sauce you serve them in. very easy to make simply roll the dough between your hands to a 1cm thick sausage. Chop into rounds and then push down hard with your thumb and pull away stretching the dough and letting it roll over.


Fusilli comes in all shapes and sizes. Roll pencil thin, put the dough underneath your skewer or straw in this case, and roll all the way forward to make the spiral shape.



Fagiolini means beans in Italian due to the resemblance of a bean pod. Roll out pencil thin, cut to inch lengths and roll again. Then using three fingers press hard and pull your hand back so it rolls.


Very simple to make just roll the dough into a sausage, cut into rounds. Then using a bread knife similar to cavatelli but really stretch the dough so it tears. Then invert around your thumb so the broken dough is now facing outwards.


Pasta recipe

Tomato & courgette pasta bowl

This is a light, one-pot dinner, where the taste of simply cooked vegetables shines through.


Serves 4 - 35 min

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