Out of all the small varieties, we think these organic chestnut mushrooms are the tastiest, with a full, earthy flavour. They won’t shrink down too much as you cook them either – these proud veggies hold their shape.

Storage & prep

Will keep for several weeks

Storage: Grown for us in the dark and damp in Gloustershire. Store in the fridge and aim to eat them within a few days. We usually deliver ours in paper punnets, so you shouldn’t end up with the slimy mess that can arise with mass-produced mushrooms in plastic.

Prep: To prepare mushrooms, wipe them clean with some damp kitchen roll or a clean cloth. Washing under the tap can make them go slimy. There’s no need to peel off the skins or discard the stalks – just leave them whole, dice or chop and you’re good to go.

Cooking tips

Mushrooms tend to fare better when cooked fast on a high heat. They contain a lot of water so a low heat and/or overcrowded pan can make them pale, stewed and slimy. A hot wok or fierce oven can produce a nice golden colour that adds to their natural umami flavours. They love a little butter or cream and a cautious squeeze of lemon will give them a huge lift.

Roast, grill or fry. In pasta sauces, stir-fries, risottos, soups - these chestnuts are very versatile. For an easy dinner, grab a hot pan, a dab of butter, some crushed garlic, throw in your sliced mushrooms and let sizzle. Fold in a few fresh herbs if you have them and serve piping hot on thick toast with a squeeze of lemon.

Mushroom recipe

Mushroom, kale & barley with herbs & baked eggs

This is an easy, two-pan dish with plenty of umami (savoury) flavour from the mushrooms, particularly the dried mushroom liquor that acts like a little stock.

Serves 2 - 45 min

Flavour Friends

Mushrooms work well with:

Lemon – a wee squeeze is the perfect finish

Dairy - cream, cheese (in almost all it’s forms), butter

Herbs – rosemary, thyme or sage for cooking – parsley, dill, chervil, chives or coriander for garnishing

Garlic & onions

Miso, Soy, chilli and or any deep savoury Asian  flavours

Eggs – fried, scrambled, poached

Nuts – hazelnut and walnuts in particular

Earthy spices such as cumin, nutmeg, carraway, black pepper




Bacon, beef & game


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