Melissa Hemsley

If there's anyone who can inspire you to reduce food waste at home and make the most of your greens, it's the wonderful Melissa Hemsley. The best selling author is the queen of planet friendly eating, with loads of flexitarian recipes and food waste tips up her sleeves.

Veg box ideas from Melissa

Here are some simple tips and tricks from Melissa, to help you make the of your veg box.
From 'the garlic trick', to pickled veg prepared in minutes, to carrot top chimichurri and more.

Garlic yogurt dip

Melissa shows how to do 'the garlic trick', which is essentially making a paste from garlic and salt using a knife.
She then uses the paste to make a fresh, creamy yogurt dip that you can use in so many recipes.

Carrot top chimichurri & tomato salad

Don't waste your carrot tops!  Chimichurri is a green herby sauce from Argentina and Uruguay that Melissa was inspired to add green carrot tops into the mix. They taste fantastic and work well in the place of a herb like parsley. Melissa mixes the chimichurri with tomatoes for a gorgeous summer salad.

Quick pickled veg

Melissa shares her way of packing a load of fresh, zingy flavour into a number of recipes and salads. She makes pickled red onions in a matter of minutes, as well as a quick vegetable pickle, with flavours from vinegar, chilli, lemon and lime, 5 spice and more. So many incredible flavours, and super simple to make.

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