Putting the flavour back in veg

In our fields, and in your kitchen.

Have you ever wondered how the shiny, uniform veg in the supermarket can taste so disappointing when they look so perfect? And at home, eating veg is too often treated as a joyless tick-list task (which you’ll find a way to avoid).


Only 3 out of 10 adults in the UK eat the recommended 5-a-day

 At Riverford, we grow our organic veg for the best flavour. It shouldn’t just be the side dish, but the star of every plate. Eating our greens is a pleasure, not a chore!

Growing for flavour

After over 30 years of growing hundreds of different sorts of veg, obsessively testing and tasting, we believe in the pursuit of three simple rules for growing flavoursome veg.

1. Choose the right variety

We choose the tastiest varieties, not the most cosmetically perfect, and test them with the chefs at our farm restaurant.

2. Grow as nature intended

Instead of using artificial fertilisers to grow huge yields of tasteless veg, we let our organic veg grow slowly, naturally, developing maximum flavour.

Local isn’t always best. When we can’t grow tomatoes naturally at home, we truck them over from Spain…

Trucking our tomatoes uses 90% less CO2 than growing in the UK using artificial heat.

… And sun-ripened tomatoes taste much better.

3. Eat it fresh from the field

You could probably refrigerate a cucumber for a month and it would still look alright on the shelf – but it would have no flavour or nutritional value.

Green veg goes from our farm to your kitchen in 48 hours!


How to make the most of all that good stuff? Here are our chef Bob’s top tips for eating more veg, and making the most of every texture and taste.

Start with what you know

The veg you like will have equally tasty relatives. If you’re a fan of broccoli, try cauliflower, or the hypnotically spiralled Romanesco. The clean, peppery crunch of a radish could open the door to kohlrabi, Asian daikon, or even sweet summer turnips.

You may think you dislike it, but…

If you have bad memories of vinegary pickled beetroot, try it grated raw in a salad, roasted with orange and caraway, or sliced into a creamy pink gratin. Forget over-boiled cabbage and spinach; all they need is a shorter cook time, some careful seasoning and a squeeze of lemon.

Veg it up

Start by increasing the veg in existing recipes – we like our chilli heavy on the beans, for example. You can also add veg to many classic dishes; try broccoli or cauli in your macaroni cheese, spinach or kale wilted into curries and stews, or a risotto completed with handfuls of greenery and fresh herbs.

Soup is a great easy option for any veg.

Download our How to Soup guide

Break your habits

The biggest difference will come from cooking in ways you may not have considered before…

  • Roast cauliflower, broccoli and carrots instead of boiling
  • Use parsnips or squash to make mash instead of potatoes
  • Slow-cook something that would usually be cooked lightly, such as green beans, courgettes or fennel
  • Some veg are as delicious raw as they are cooked – like beetroot, kohlrabi or cabbage

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