A sneak peak of our film…

Made by Riverford co-owners (we became employee owned in June 2018)

This is an exclusive preview, please do not share on social media.

Look out for Riverford elsewhere

This short film is part of the campaign we’re launching at the beginning of February, designed to highlight the impact of our food choices. Look out for snippets of the film on Sky. We’ll also be advertising on the London underground, so if you’re in the city, keep an eye out!


Made by us

This film was devised, written, performed and directed by Riverford co-owners, right here on our Devon farm. Christian Kay, our in-house video producer, talks about how the film came to be:

“I used to work at a PR agency which made brand films for some prominent corporations. I quickly learned that what we were required to do was to reinvent the narrative, and direct attention away from unethical practices.

When I was asked to create a short film about Riverford, I had a long think about the story I needed to create. I sat for weeks staring out at the fields of salad growing on the hills all around us – and I realised that I had no need to fabricate anything. Positivity was flowing endlessly onto my book of initial ideas… I thought about what we do differently, what our customers love about us, and what gets all our co-owners out of bed in the morning.

Apart from an external cameraman and sound technicians, the video was made entirely by Riverford co-owners. Everyone very gamely stepped outside of their usual roles to help bring our ideas to life… It was an amazing team effort, and says, I think, as much about the warmth at the heart of Riverford as the film itself.”


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