Food brings people together: whether that’s tucking into a home-cooked meal with those you live with, or sharing your creations with others online. Here you’ll find a number of community resources, positive stories and things to do, to let food lift your spirits and connect you with others in this uncertain time​.

Supporting co-owners through Coronavirus

As an employee-owned business, supporting co-owner wellbeing through Coronavirus is really important to us. These are the steps we have taken to make the Riverford working environment a safe and supportive one...

Riverford Tribe

Join the lively community of customers in our Facebook group. A positive space to connect with fellow veg fanatics, share thoughts and recipe ideas, and get inspired.


from Wicked Leeks

Who feeds the vulnerable?

Wicked Leeks meets Food in the Community, a Riverford charity partner, to hear how they are keeping fresh food deliveries going and why coronavirus means there is more need than ever.
new dudes

The new face of food supply

As coronavirus leaves traditional food supply chains overloaded, farmers, hospitality suppliers and communities are helping deliver to the most vulnerable.


Spread kindness not corona

As coronavirus spreads, a growing wave of kind acts within the community are helping to boost morale & protect the most vulnerable.

Thank you notes

We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of notes and drawings left out for our veg teams and drivers delivering boxes. It makes such a difference during this very busy time – thank you all.
Community help form

‘I can help’…

There has never been a better time to volunteer to help vulnerable members of your community who are having to self-isolate, if you’re able to. We’ve prepared a downloadable card which can be printed off and popped through neighbours’ letterboxes offering a helping hand.

Things to do

Colouring sheet

Get creative with our colouring sheet, drawn by co-owner Lina who works in our Quality Control department. We were so impressed we had to share it. Once finished, consider displaying in your window to share a dash of colour with your veg box delivery driver, and passers-by.

Quiz time

Veg quiz

Challenge your household with this veg-themed pub quiz. Or try hosting a group video call quiz - gather your friends and family, near or far, for a group video call and test their knowledge on the green stuff.

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