Mass-grown cauliflower is pushed on with nitrogen for rapid development, but mushy florets. Our organic cauliflower is different: grown slowly on mineral-rich soil. This produces smaller, firmer caulis with exceptional flavour and crunch. Don’t forget to eat the sweet, tender leaves too!

Storage & prep

Will keep for a fortnight

Storage: Keep them in the fridge. Best eaten in the first few days but they can last up to a fortnight. Store them whole with the leaves hiding their face to keep the white curds as fresh as possible.

Prep: Remove the leaves and cut away the main stalk. Break or cut the florets into manageable pieces. As well as being a good indicator of freshness, the leaves can be eaten – the smaller inner leaves are the best and can be steamed or boiled in the same pan. The stalk is also perfectly edible, it can be cut into chunks and batons and cooked in a similar way, or use in cauliflower soup.

Cooking tips

Rice: Try pulsing the florets in a processor until coarsely chopped and the texture of rice or plump couscous. You can eat it raw but it is better cooked in a little oil and stock until just tender. Use as you would use rice.

Save the leaves: The tender protective leaves that cleave to the central curds are too often discarded. They can be steamed or boiled with the florets - a particularly nice addition to a classic cauliflower cheese.

Roast: If cut into small florets, rubbed with oil, seasoned well and cooked in a fiercely hot oven they will roast in 8-10 minutes. A little spicing of cumin or smoked paprika is ideal, or dress with a squeeze of lemon while hot and toss with chopped parsley and capers.

Cauliflower recipe

Whole roasted cauliflower

Roasted whole then drizzled with spiced almonds, this cauliflower recipes makes a good vegan alternative to a classic roast chicken. You could also serve it as a starter, setting it in the centre and letting people help themselves.

Serves 4 - 1h 15 min

Flavour Friends

Cauliflower works well with:

butter & cheese





nuts, especially hazelnuts and pine nuts


spices, especially cumin, coriander and turmeric



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