Veg Help

Not sure how to tackle an unfamiliar vegetable in your box, or need some new ideas for old favourites? Here we share our veg expertise to help you make the most of everything from cabbages to kohlrabi.

In this week's boxes

Bunched carrots

Crunch into a Riverford carrot and discover how good they taste! During the summer we deliver bunched carrots with their leafy tops.


These organic red peppers are sweet, crunchy and very versatile. They’ll add crunch to salads, colour to stir-fries and smoky sweetness to a plate of roasted veg.


A freshly picked organic courgette is a delight that hardly needs embellishment. We get them to you from the fields as quickly as possible.

Veg Hacks


In this week's Veg Hack, Bob demonstrates how to get twice as much broccoli from one head, by tapering the stalk as you cut the florets, resulting in a tenderstem broccoli effect.

Preserving your fruit and veg

freeze 1

How to freeze veg

Make your own frozen mash, keep a stash of herbs or learn how to freeze each type of leafy green in these top tips for how to freeze veg.

freeze 2

How to freeze fruit

From a segment of lemon for an emergency G&T to ready-to-go fruit compotes – here’s how to freeze what fruit.


Getting into pickle

Fermenting and pickling are the perfect ways to preserve the end of the year’s harvest – read our chef's top tips to make green tomato chutney, fermented green tomatoes and pickled chillies.

Join the Riverford Tribe

Ask our lively Facebook community, Riverford Tribe, for help with a particular fruit or veg. Fellow customers will jump to the rescue in no time.


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