There has never been a better time to Live Life on the Veg.

Our refined range means a little less flexibility for some, but with that comes opportunity. Many of us have more time at home, more chances to cook and the potential to find new rhythms that can become a way of life.

Here you will find inspiration to adjust to new ways of cooking and living over the coming weeks. Alongside are lots of activities to keep you entertained and connected to the community around your Riverford veg box.

So join us, let’s #LiveLifeontheVeg.



It's easy to get stuck in a recipe rut – but what better time to try new things in the kitchen?


Veg Help

Here we share our veg expertise to guide you through everything from kohl-rabi, to cabbages, to artichokes.



Here you’ll find a number of community resources, positive stories and things to do, to let food lift your spirits and connect you with others in this uncertain time​.

Recipe of the Week


A convenient one-pot recipe that makes an unbeatable hungover brunch, light lunch or supper. There are many different versions of this North African recipe: you could add feta, preserved lemons, olives or chorizo. Just make sure you don't overcook the eggs. Eat with bread or pitta to absorb the juices.
Serves 4 - Total time 35 min

Latest Veg Hack


In this week's Veg Hack, Bob demonstrates how to get twice as much broccoli from one head, by tapering the stalk as you cut the florets, resulting in a tenderstem broccoli effect.

Make and shape your own pasta

Making your own pasta is surprisingly easy, and you only need a couple of ingredients.
Once you have your dough mix, you can then try making a number of shapes.

BBQing Veg

Here are four vegetables that work brilliantly on a grill, and instructions on how to cook each from Riverford Field Kitchen chef Lewis.

Colouring Sheet

Get creative with our colouring sheet, drawn by co-owner Lina who works in our Quality Control department. We were so impressed we had to share it. Once finished, consider displaying in your window to share a dash of colour with your veg box delivery driver, and passers-by.

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